Google Chrome Turns 10

Published: 16/01/2019

The worlds most popular browser, Google Chrome is turning 10! As a gift to its users, Google announced some new improvements and features.

Visual changes include brighter colours, a fully new interface, and round tabs. the app will get a flatter, round design. Website icons, menus and other design elements will be modified and simplified. Google Chrome has also improved its autofill and password manager. Additionally, it will auto-generate a strong password that will be linked to your Google account.

Searching will not take as much time as it used to. From now on, you will be able to see results while you are in the search bar. There is no need for another bar to be opened and you will even be able to search your Google Drive all from the same location.

Creating web site shortcuts is going to be made easier as all of your favourite websites will be waiting for you at the new tab page. The last, but not the least, you will be able to choose a background image for the browser.

Google will continue improving different segments of the browser. This improvement will become part of our lives just like the others before Chrome’s birthday. Some you won’t even notice, but they will make Googling easier.

Google Chrome Turns 10