Why it is important to have a fast loading web site.

Published: 27/12/2018

Recent studies have shown that if your web site takes more than 3 seconds to load you will lose 40% of your web site traffic, can you really afford to lose that many potential customers? Your web site should help you reach more customers but if your conversion rate from potential customers into actual customers is poor then your web site is about as useful as a tennis racket is as an umbrella!

Its nothing new that web sites need to be fast to stop you losing customers, way back in the 90's this problem was already being noticed with a survey showing that 70% of those who participated in the survey reported that web sites took to long to load. Since then the internet speeds available have got better but at the same time web sites have got more complex and larger so the problem is still occurring today.

What is perhaps more shocking is that if a web site takes more than 10 seconds to load 90% of visitors will abandon the web site completely. Visitors now expect web sites to load in less then 2 seconds and any slower than this you risk losing a lot of traffic to your web site. It's not only the customers deciding whether they want to use your web site by the time it takes to load. The way google ranks web sites also checks to see how fast the web site loads and will rank the web sites that load quicker above those that take longer to load, so the faster your web site loads the higher to the top of the google rankings it will be.

It's not only the smaller companies that struggle with loading times, when google decided they wanted to list 30 results on a page instead of 10 which added a 0.5 second delay to the results loading they saw a 20% drop in revenue and traffic. Recent testing at Amazon reveals that every 100-microsecond increase in load time translates into a 1 percent decrease in sales. Can your company really afford to lose that much revenue?

Here at Sea Dragon we can make your web site lightening quick and help your business grow and gain more customers. We have a team here waiting to make your web site get to number 1 in google, all you need to do to grow your business is get in touch. You can call us on 01303 720019 or send us an email to support@seadragon.digital.

Why it is important to have a fast loading web site.