Google in €50m GDPR fine

Published: 24/01/2019

Google is to appeal the €50m data protection fine handed down to it by the French data protection agency earlier this week.

The search giant claimed it had "worked hard" to create a transparent and straightforward GDPR consent process for its ads personalisation settings, and was "concerned about the impact of this ruling on publishers, original content creators and tech companies in Europe and beyond".

The 50 Million Euro fine against Google demonstrates that the first wave of GDPR enforcement has begun.

Companies must now focus on more than consent to ensure that they have the legal right to process analytics and AI, which they rely on for their growth, competitive differentiation and innovation.

France’s National Data Protection Commission fined Google, saying it didn’t do enough to get the consent of users when gathering data used for targeted advertising. It’s also one of the highest-profile regulator actions coming from GDPR which went into effect last year. Under the law, companies have to follow strict rules when it comes to protecting consumers’ data and privacy in Europe. One of the rules requires the companies to explain how data is being collected and used and seek the consent of the consumer to collect the data

Google in €50m GDPR fine