Another Data Breach

Published: 11/03/2019 breach is one of the largest data breaches but the good news is that it does not involve passwords. provides enterprise email validation – a way for marketers to check that email addresses on their mailing lists are valid and active before sending marketing emails.

This time the email validation service has leaked a large database containing personal and sensitive records of more than 2 billion individuals around the world.

It all began on March 7, 2019, when a security researcher published a blog post reporting that he discovered an unsecured 150GB MongoDB database tracked back to containing more than 800 million (808,539,939) records and since then domain has been offline. Furthermore, all of the data was unencrypted which means that it could be a treasure trove for hackers and cybercriminals.

This is not the first time when billions of records have surfaced online in a database for anyone to access. Last month German security researchers identified a massive 845GB database containing 2.2 billion usernames and passwords.

In January this year, researchers also discovered a database containing 773 million ‘unique’ email addresses and 22 million ‘unique’ passwords available for download. Later on, the same data was found posted on a famous hacking forum.

How To Remain Secure


We advise using the service HaveIbeenPwned to see if your email is part of a data breach and make sure you use unique passwords for each service you sign up for or even better a proper password manager like LastPass to manage and generate secure passwords for each service. Another Data Breach