Choose Your Features

Because this database will be designed for you will have complete control over how it works and functions through every stage.

Multi Level Access

Manage access rights with multiple users and access levels and user roles to keep information secure.

Custom Reporting

Automatically generate reports and graphs from the database to help you keep in control of your business.

What is the benefit of a cloud based application?

Sea Dragon can develop bespoke business software and cloud based applications that will provide your business bottom line savings. A bespoke database can also improve internal efficiency and flow of communications between departments or your existing customers.

A bespoke cloud database application will help your business develop new revenue streams, consolidate data and help you generate custom reports allowing your company to make the best use of the data you hold.

The right application developed for your company can also resolve business critical issues and allows your company to take advantage of the latest technologies.


Your cloud based database can product colourful printable PDF reports including graphs and other information. You can decide on what data you want to put into your report, how it is displayed, and what format you would like your data in.


If you need your data in a specific format to allow for imports / exports into other programs, files or API's. This could be a simple as an Excel download, CSV or even XML. Our team of developers will work with you and your data so that you can get the most use from your database.