DSEAR / FRA Co-ordinator

A bespoke online cloud application that helps in the completing and management of risk assessments for petrol stations. 

This system was bespoke developed for a company to their exact requirements and is becoming a market leader in cloud based risk assessment software for DSEAR and Fire Risk Assessments throughout the UK.

The system allows agents on site to complete risk assessments, generate a risk score and issue and print PDF copies to clients. It will also remind site owners of renewal dates automatically and keep historic records and photos of reported items and required actions.

DSEAR / FRA Co-ordinator Wed Site Design and Development, Folkestone
Bespoke Web Design and Bespoke CRM Software, Folkestone

Content Management System

Using our Bespoke CMS platform, we structured a set of easily editable content blocks and modules that allow your marketing department to quickly amend existing pages and build new dynamic layouts with minimal technical knowledge.

Unlike off the shelf solutions such as Wordpress, Our CRM provides a flexible yet completely tailored solution, removing unnecessary distractions and providing the user with the tools required to get the job done.

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