Buckleys (UVRAL) Ltd. was formed in 1926 by the Buckley brothers of Putney, London, to sell ultra violet ray arc lamps (hence the name UVRAL), used in early photographic production.

The Hoveman family took over Buckleys in 1942 and the company moved from its Putney base to Hythe (in the south east of England) in 1973. In June 2010 the company relocated to Shearway Business Park in Folkestone. John's son, Paul, has been Managing Director since 1986 and Craig, Paul's son, is now a director.

Buckleys came to us with hopes of being able to create a website that would not only look good but help relieve the stress of some of the every day office procedures their staff would be left to deal with, their easy to use administration section allows them to easily add new products and applications, register new international distributors, and register multiple repair and calibration requests all at the click of a button.

Buckleys Wed Site Design and Development, Folkestone