Beach Bank Caravan Park - Hythe

We created a new web site for Beach Bank Caravan Park in Dymchurch, near Hythe after their last web designer went AWOL and they had no control over the domain name and site content.

After building the new web site we helped the client go through the process of trying to gain control of their domain name. We also helped gain control of their Google and email accounts and assisted in searching the internet and updating places where the old domain was listed.

Beach Bank Caravan Park - Hythe Wed Site Design and Development, Folkestone
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Content Management System

Using our Bespoke CMS platform, we structured a set of easily editable content blocks and modules that allow your marketing department to quickly amend existing pages and build new dynamic layouts with minimal technical knowledge.

Unlike off the shelf solutions such as Wordpress, Our CRM provides a flexible yet completely tailored solution, removing unnecessary distractions and providing the user with the tools required to get the job done.

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